Shadowing & Externships

Explore hands-on learning opportunities at Elko Veterinary Clinic. Whether you’re interested in shadowing our veterinarians or completing an externship, we welcome students eager to delve into the veterinary field.

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Learning Opportunities at Elko Veterinary Clinic


Thank you for your interest in learning from our veterinarians and technicians at Elko Veterinary Clinic. We allow students interested in the veterinary field to shadow at our facility for one day.

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Once we receive the form you submitted to us, we will contact you and schedule a day for you to shadow with us.


Thank you for considering Elko Veterinary Clinic for your externship. We allow 1st-4th Year Veterinary School students and Veterinary Technicians enrolled in the accredited programs to complete their externships with us. We have certified veterinary technicians who will be able to act as preceptors to veterinary technician students seeking credit for their externships. Vet students will be able to accompany large or small animal veterinarians.

If you are a Veterinary School Student seeking an externship please fill out the following form:

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