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Potbelly Pig Care

Discover expert potbelly pig care in Elko, NV at Elko Veterinary Clinic. From wellness exams to emergency care, we provide comprehensive services to ensure the health of your pet pig.

a pig standing in grass
a black pig standing in dirt

Our Expert Potbelly Pig Care

We are pleased to offer wellness care for potbelly pigs at Elko Veterinary Clinic. Pet pigs provide a unique challenge for healthcare maintenance. Nutritional management is critical, as obesity is a very common problem. Foot and dental care are also very important to long-term pig health. Routine wellness visits are recommended for potbelly pigs every 6-12 months. Our goal is to keep your potbelly pig healthy and prevent illness.

Services: Wellness examinations, Blood Work, Surgery (spay and neuter), Emergencies, Fecal Parasite Screening, Hoof and Tusk Care.

Yearly Spa Day: Ear cleaning, Hoof Trimming, Tusk trimming/ Filing, Eye Checks, and Deworming.